What is Midwest Freedom Enterprises, LLC?

The Dorr brothers specialize in exposing anti-gun politicians who attack your freedoms as well as do-nothing Republicans who refuse to fight for the gun owners who gave them their power in the first place!

Because of that truth, crooked politicians and the fake news media viciously attack the good work that they do for gun rights and conservative causes by pointing to Midwest Freedom Enterprises as their “proof,” but as this video proves, it is all lies!

Now you have all of the facts about the beautiful work Midwest Freedom Enterprises provides gun rights and grassroots conservatism all across America… AT ROCK BOTTOM COST!

So when corrupt politicians — who are desperate to distract and deflect from the crooked votes they cast against your freedoms or their complete failure to advance the pro-gun agenda they campaigned on — try to use “MFE” as an excuse for their total betrayal of gun owners, double down on them!

Hammer them to the wall for their bad votes, their REFUSAL to pass or advance pro-gun bills, their betrayals of the oaths they take to the Constitution and the promises they break to the voters in their districts!